New colourful record covers site

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A new site is worth a visit to anyone with a nostalgic memory of the time when music came in 12 inch squares of sturdy, glossy artwork. Coverheaven celebrates the beautiful record covers of yesterday, specifically from the fifties to … Continued

New photography site

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Having been a keen photographer for quite some time I finally got around to building a site to display some of my photos. In these digital days it’s easy to accumulate a drive full of photos that never see any … Continued

Many a slip twixt mind and keyboard

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Sometimes you can be bombarded with a multi-pronged attack on more than one front. Scanning Facebook postings, as you do, usually means speed scanning. Noting and then instantly ignoring those postings that tell you everything you never wanted to know … Continued

At-a-glance Food Values Chart

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A fascinating booklet from 1952 that contains such sensible advice that I wonder how it’s possible that countless food diet books have since been published. Interesting advice includes the following:   “Food should be prepared in a happy atmosphere. The … Continued

Man Ray Tube posters

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Man Ray’s extraordinary designs for London Underground 1938. It’s a bit of a stretch to compare the Tube to a majestic ringed planet but it somehow works. The design, shapes and colour of the 3D logo and Saturn reflect the … Continued

Massacre Hit Parade

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I can’t say I’m surprised. This picture is from around 1971 or 1972. Lennon was ahead of his time in many ways and in this example quite prescient. Click to see video.