Many a slip twixt mind and keyboard

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facebook-spell-checkSometimes you can be bombarded with a multi-pronged attack on more than one front. Scanning Facebook postings, as you do, usually means speed scanning. Noting and then instantly ignoring those postings that tell you everything you never wanted to know about someone’s life, about the holiday they are having that you could never afford, the wonderfully funny thing their children did today or the new puppy they couldn’t resist taking pictures of in their haste to upload and share. And therein lies the root of many an ignominious slip up in some posters’ rush to reply. This is just such an instance concerning a horrible story of child abuse from America and people’s reactions to it. Miss X (names have been blurred to protect the useless) was rather upset by the whole thing and questioned the level of trust left in the world. Unfortunately for her, her posting rather let her down with its unintentional (unkind people might say Freudian) slip of the keyboard.

The lesson from all this is obvious – take your time, don’t post in haste and always spell check before hitting the send button.