About Me

Who am I?

I’ve been immersed in the world of web design for over twenty years. I’ve seen trends and technologies come and go but what hasn’t changed is the need to keep things simple and to focus on the most important aspect of web design – providing what the website visitor wants.

I want everyone who needs a website to feel comfortable in understanding what their site can do, how it can help their business and above all how easily it can be managed so it remains a living and evolving online presence.

I pride myself on using everyday language to explain what you can have, how it can help and how easy it is to manage your website once it’s online and available to the world. Let’s chat!

I’m Sociable

You’ve heard it’s important but you can’t quite understand why. It’s not just a web site you need today, you also need to think about using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to really push your business out there. I’ll explain how easy it is to use the power of social media to promote your business, reach new customers and target local people if that is your goal. I can guide you every step of the way. Just ask!

Pino Agnello web design consultancy services


I offer consultancy services on your business or personal website and social media ambitions. This is carried out via Teams or Zoom for your convenience and safety and is bookable by the hour. Visit my Consultancy Service page for more.

Recent Projects

Herdwick Books

Herdwick Books

A new publishing business with the goal of producing both traditional books and ebooks that help people to enjoy more. RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS WEB SITE | LOGO DESIGN VIEW SITE

Philip Godfrey

Philip is a freelance musician living in London. He concentrates mainly on composing, but is also a pianist, organist and teacher. His compositions – instrumental, choral, and theatre music – …

Urban Eden

Urban Eden has grown into a specialist garden and landscaping company that customers rely on, enjoying the personal care and knowledge that only a dedicated and family run company can …

New Challenge

A new site for West London based employment and training organisation. Designed to showcase their excellent record in helping unemployed people back into work through bespoke training, advice and guidance. …

Ikebana For You

Ikebana For You brings the art of observing and arranging flowers and plants in which the spiritual aspect is considered very important. The time for observation and appreciation of nature …